Weather Station Site Details
The Merseyside Weather Station is situated at 53'20'54 N ,  -3'00'32 W at a altitude of 39 M (128ft) above mean sea level. The site is in Bebington near Wirral Grammar School close to the top of a westerly sloping hill.

Daily records have been kept continuously at the site since May 2006. Areas of observations include maximum and minimum temperatures, relative Humidity, rainfall, Barometric Pressure, Wind direction and speed, Solar radiation and sunshine hours.

The station setup has ben modified somewhat in the past with the spliting up of sensors. Unfortunately this caused errors and water to get into the stations main control board. Since then the station has been kept together with exempt to the anemometer in 2010 being raised to 33ft via a 20 ft scaffold pole being attached to the side of the house. The current setup is likely to be modified in the summer with the provision of a new Davis rain guage which will be situated on the ground. The current guage has a error of reading of about 20% under!. We use a met office standard 5" manual rainguage to keep the readings as accurate as possible. we also use a Met office sheathed thermometer to check acuracy of humidity and temperatures.

The infomation from the Automatic Weather Station is collected and displayed on a central monitor and then processed and logged using Weather Display and Weather Display Live Software. We do however use Weatherlink software for a main database of hourly observations made by the station, Access to this database is via a donation.

The data collected is then published to our main website aswell as to the UK Met Office, Weather Underground, Citizens Weather Observer Programe, Windfinder, PWS Weather and finaly Twitter!

The computer specs are  
Merseyside Weather is currently using a server by freeola. our webspace has an unlimited storage capacity. Also unlimited emails and bandwidth limitations this service comes from freeola.we are using a Davis vantage pro 2 weather station with solar radiation sensor. (UV sensor coming soon)the equipment came from the UK weathershop based in eastborne. Davis vantage Pro2 Was first made in 2005.
running Windows Server 2008 Enterprise with Weatherlink software also Weather display version 10.37R running the site
The Server specs,
CPU: Dual Intel Xeon cpu's Clocking at 3GHZ
Ram: 16GB ECC Dims
Hard Drives: We have 2x 146GB 10kRPM 2.5" Hard drives in raid 1 for redundancy,
this also includes a 750GB Raid 5 for additional storage across 6 of the same hard drives
Power Supply: Dual 1000W Hot swap Power Supply Modules
all in a 2U Server case
This is connected up to a Trust 1300VA (800 Watt) UPS (Uninteruptable power suply) incase of mains failure it will support the server and weather station and Ip Camera for upto 33 minutes before safely shutting down the computer.
The Sky Webcam is a Sweetex HD Webcam connected to the weather computer uploading images once every 2 minutes. Note! Non of these images are stored they are taken and uploaded to the website and overwritten once a minute.
The Ip Camera is a Axis 211 Ip webcam directly connected to out router and switchgear This webcam retails for £400 It has a maximum capacity of 20 viewers after this a blank image will be displayed and you will be requested to come back later for live feeds.

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